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WELCOME to KeepItJiggy.com!

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KeepItJiggy.com is back with a new & (hopefully) improved look! We've tried to organize things a little better and make everything easier for you to find.

Some familiar things are now at the bottom of this page, while others are in the sidebar of interior pages. Some things may be temporarily missing, but please check back often to see the improvements.

Moving from an old to a more modern template means some things haven't yet fallen into place. You'll see fonts of odd sizes and colors, and images that may take up the whole page. Some links are broken. We apologize. "Likkle by likkle" we'll get it all fixed and updated so that you can get the maximum enjoyment from our site.  We greatly appreciate your patience!

So, go out & explore the beauty, music and culture of Jamaica. We hope you'll eat in local cookshops and support local merchants. Just remember to always KEEP IT JIGGY!

Jamaica: It’s History & Parishes

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Jamaica is part of the Greater Antilles, located in the northwestern Caribbean Sea, directly south of Cuba (it's the island in ORANGE on this map). Jamaica is about 90-minutes by air from Miami.

Jamaica is the largest English-speaking nation in the Caribbean and the 3rd largest island overall, spanning 4,320 sq.mi. (a bit smaller than Connecticut).

Columbus "discovered" Jamaica for Spain in 1494 (it was already home to Arawak & Taino Indians who called it "Xaymaca"). The island was captured from Spain in 1655 by the British. Today's population of 2.8 million largely descends from freed African slaves who were brought to Jamaica by the Spanish & British. Jamaica eventually became independent in 1962, but remains part of the British Commonwealth.

Jamaica is divided into 14 parishes with diverse terrain, histories & economies. Start here to learn more about Jamaica!

Unique Accommodations

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If you're looking for all-inclusive resorts (Beaches, Sandals, Riu, Hedonism, Couples, etc.), you won't find too many of them here. We love them, but we think they isolate visitors from experiencing the real culture and beauty of Jamaica. If you don’t venture beyond the walls of the mega-resorts, you will hinder yourself from enjoying the quiet, unhurried, unpretentious spirit of this tropical paradise and the outstanding Jamaican people. We want to get you out on the road!

We try to find you reasonably-priced options in every Parish. You'll find everything here from campsites to guest houses to eco-lodges to bed & breakfasts to hotels to villas. Select "Travel Jamaica" in the menu at the top of the page for lodging and activities by Parish & look around.

If you want us to list a property, please contact us with details. Read more about lodging in Jamaica.

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