Now available! JAMNAV GPS navigation system for Jamaica :-)

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Now available! JAMNAV GPS navigation system for Jamaica :-)
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FABULOUS! My understanding is that the new JAMNAV GPS has over 9,000 miles of roads (update: now more than 13,000) - big, small, residential, alleys, etc. - with street names and full auto-routable functionality built into it, along with 15,000 points of interest including hotels, attractions, restaurants, embassies, gas stations, shopping places, banks, ATMs, hospitals, police stations and much more. Mona GeoInformatics at the UWI Mona Campus developed JAMNAV© specifically for the Jamaican market so it has detailed coverage in rural Jamaica, not just the urban areas, and having all villages, towns and cities mapped, travelers are able to move around with a greater sense of security and confidence. Wow, now we can all have turn-by-turn voice-assisted navigation across the island to help us explore!

Avis is the 1st car rental company in Jamaica to rent these GPS navigation systems (pre-loaded with JAMNAV©). (You can just rent the GPS unit; no car rental required.) JAMNAV can also be loaded to any Garmin Nuvi. MGI will deliver the maps electronically after payment is made. Visit Mona GeoInformatics for purchase info. :D

Someone please check it out & let me know if it's as good as it sounds, especially for the rural areas!

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  1. this is great i just registered my rent-a-car business and wanted to offer such a product and/ service to my clients and from my reseach found that it just started here in Jamaica. I need to get hooked up!

  2. We actually now have way over 16 000 km of road packed into JAMNAV now.

  3. JAMNAV now has over 21,000 km of roads and over 21,000 points of interest. See us at

  4. In 2013 JAMNAV is now in 3D. We have 23,500 points of interest and 23,500 km of roads across Jamaica. We have started to list key phone numbers in JAMNAV so a user with Bluetooth connectivity can make calls using JAMNAV. Call (876) 977-3160-2 for more information or purchase JAMNAV for your Garmin online here

    Team JAMNAV

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