Enjoy a soothing bath & massage at Bath Fountain in Saint Thomas :-)

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Enjoy a soothing bath & massage at Bath Fountain in Saint Thomas :-)
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I personally LOVE Bath Fountain and, while I enjoy the relaxing private baths inside the hotel (which has 16 rooms, a restaurant and private jacuzzis), nothing beats the massages I get at the hot springs/stream. I make a point to visit every time I go to Jamaica (2 or 3 times a year).

Yes, the "attack of the rastas" hoping to lead you to the spring and give you a massage can be intimidating to some, but they are simply scrambling to make a few dollars. My friends there explained that the "policy" had changed somewhat recently and now they cannot bombard you as you exit your vehicle. They must wait in line and whoever is in the front of the queue can approach you and try to strike up a deal for your massage. This should really help to control the situation, so don't feel alarmed - treat it like the adventure it is!

Your "masseur" will pamper you, massage you from head to toe, scrub your feet with hot stones, wrap you in hot soaking towels, & sometimes you will get a body scrub with sulfur-y mud. It's marvelous. If you think the water is too hot, just say so and he will cool it off a bit with stream water. (I do; sometimes it's too hot for me ). We usually pay around J$1,500 to J$2,000 per person (about US$18 to US$20) for an hour or two of bliss!

And I have to add that, if you go up to the stream just before dusk, night will fall during your massage. I have never in my life seen so many stars - it was the most magical experience, star-gazing and a massage all at once. Heavenly. Spectacular! Try it at least once!

Tip: If, like me, you don't navigate muddy paths well, wear some water shoes to give you better traction!

Enjoy the following blog post from another of Bath Fountain's recent visitors.

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Bath Fountain

Posted by: Sheron Pearson on Mar 4, 2010

Up in the cool cool hills of Jamaica’s St Thomas, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday dirt and grime, just across from the Botanical Gardens, is a magical, mystical place, shrouded in tranquility, where one imagines the flora and fauna have witnessed untold history. In fact, the story goes that the fountain was discovered by a brutally flogged enslaved African in the 1690s who stumbled on the waters which seemed to miraculously heal his deep cuts and bruises.

A rocky climb, whether man-made or cut from the countless feet that have trod the path seeking healing, cleansing or just refreshing, leads to the famed spot – The Mineral Fountain at Bath. As you climb ever upwards a silence descends and the birds and cool breezes provide the most natural accompaniment, you preserve your breath for the steep incline ahead. Crickets, owls, birds and the occasional cock crowing in the distance are the only sounds as you crest the hill and make your descent to the pools and stream in the valley below.

As if out of nowhere, we’re joined by two “guides” who later demonstrate their prowess as masseuses. The water at Bath is reportedly 160 degrees Celsius, piping – almost unbearably hot. Towels are soaked with the healing sulfuric water and placed over the body which is then pummeled and massaged.

There is a reverence to the spa treatment that reflects the spiritual aura of the place. The guide chants as the water cascades from head to foot, an ancient blessing... (continue reading at JamLink.com).

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