International Reggae Day | July 1st | Honoring Dennis Brown!

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International Reggae Day | July 1st | Honoring Dennis Brown!
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"If you're not loving someone, you're wasting your time."
~ Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown (February 1, 1957 – July 1, 1999) could sing the telephone directory to me and I would enjoy every moment of it. :yes: His was the sweetest, sexiest, most soulful voice of reggae music! For good reason Bob Marley called Dennis Brown his favorite singer. And look at that beautiful smile - irresistible!! Only wish I'd had the opportunity to see him perform in person. Gone too soon... but the most wonderful thing is that he left us with hundreds and hundreds of albums to enjoy in his absence... until we meet again.

Today International Reggae Day honors you, Mr. Brown; may you rest in beautiful peace. :love: :love:


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One Comment

  1. you’re wright theresa dennis was the greatest, and still is he my favourite singer as well .

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