Historic Devon House reopens July 26, 2010

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Historic Devon House reopens July 26, 2010
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Devon House reopens

BY DHANE BROWN Observer TEENage writer UWI
Tuesday, August 03, 2010

TYPICALLY, when we think about Devon House one thing comes to mind, ice cream. Indeed, while this establishment is internationally known for its delicacy, there is definitely more to Devon House than the shops and beautiful natural scenery.

On Monday, 26 July, the Devon House Great House was reopened to the public and regular tours will soon recommence.

Originally an estate owned by millionaire George Stiebel, Devon House has since the late 1800's been an imposing site in the minds of all who have seen its magnificent layout. Since 2007, however, the Great House, the main attraction of the Devon House tour, has been undergoing serious renovations.

Over the years Stiebel's legacy has continued as the hard working staff has worked without ceasing on the estate to keep it going. After being listed as a National Monument in 1990 by the National Heritage Trust it has been growing from strength to strength.

With an intention to become fully self-sufficient by 2012, the Devon House Development Company Ltd, has been working tirelessly to get this project completed. A total of $103 million was earmarked from the Tourism Enhancement Fund to complete the renovations. Already, $85 million of that has been spent on fixing the interior and exterior of the mansion, decorating the interior, landscaping, improvement of the general roadways and parking areas as well as several income generating projects.

Devon House also has some future plans in mind. They plan to continue their infrastructural development and attract a diverse clientele. Plans are also afoot to develop a wedding gazebo and a plant nursery as part of the income generating programme. They also plan to subdivide the Grog Shoppe in an attempt to offer more diversity and an improved experience for all the patrons.

The next areas to be looked on are the Devonshire and the kids play area.

There are also plans in place to implement a preventative maintenance programme that will govern and ensure that the property is managed in the best possible way.

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