Blazer on the Bay in Long Bay, Jamaica | Good food, nice vibe!

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If you're on the road exploring Jamaica's East coast with a hungry belly, Long Bay in Portland has some good options. Here is one of them. I've enjoyed several good meals here at Blazer in the past few months. :yes:

Blazer on the Bay is located smack dab in the middle of Long Bay's glorious white sand beach. It's honestly one of the most spectacular in all of Jamaica. For those of you familiar with Long Bay, Blazer is just a short walk from Chill Out. In its previous lives, it was Cool Runnings Bar followed by the charming Yahimba Beach Cottages which were ravaged by Hurricane Dean in 2007. Some of Yahimba's bar survived and the owner has done a lot of work to put it back together (it opened mid-2009). Sadly, the cottages were destroyed but he apparently has plans to reconstruct them once the bar/restaurant is thriving. Let's hope he can do it!

As you can see from the photos, Blazer on the Bay is surrounded by coconut palms and sits right on the shore of the turquoise Caribbean. Local Portland artist, Art Katapul, helped give the place new life with his colorful artwork - be sure to check out the colorful outdoor bathroom below. And local thatch artisan, Shem Williams, added the new thatch roof. (BIG UP to Katapul who has also done the charming work on the front of our soon-to-be-open Blue Mountain Soapworks shop, also in Long Bay. We could also use some thatch repairs on the shop's gazebos, so I think a call to Mr. Williams will be on the agenda soon!)

Blazer on the Bay serves up local Jamaican dishes. Check to see what's cooking when you arrive (or I imagine you could call ahead to check? 876.913.7010) Our fried chicken with rice and peas was fresh and delicious (sorry I didn't get any food photos - next time!). Enjoy your meal in beach-lover's style on the charming covered verandah. Relax and enjoy the view, or get your food to go. The vibe here is very laid-back as is the rest of Long Bay. I was speaking with a local resident last month about how much I enjoy this mellow, unhurried, sleepy community. To which he replied "Long Bay isn't really sleepy, it's ASLEEP." No matter; it's my favorite kind of atmosphere.

Food is good, drinks are good, music is good, prices are very reasonable, service is friendly, location is FABULOUS - go check it out sometime. Another nice thing about Blazer is the small parking lot you can see in my photo of this random customer who was feeling photogenic that day. :cool: Nice that you can always keep your vehicle in view. Long Bay is popular with locals as well as free-spirited and adventurous tourists, so you may just meet some interesting people while you're chillin'!

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  1. Thank you for biggin UP Blazin on the Beach. The owner Val Street is a beloved brethen of mine. The Street’s owned most of the Long Bay Beach and my brother, Ted Sims” Uncle Ted”, the owner of Coconut Isle purchased his villa property from him over 20 years ago. I noticed your Soapworks location that replaced Sankofa, it hadnt opened when I left Long Bay in Dec. However, I live between California and Long Bay. Nuff Respect for getting the word out for those of us who love LONG BAY.

  2. You’re welcome! I was just in Long Bay & tried to eat at Blazer’s again but, alas, no food! Needless to say I was disappointed! I love Long Bay as well and feel like I live in California & Jamaica as well, as I’m there so often. The Soapworks is open most days now so be sure to drop in sometime! We make the soap right there in the shop.

  3. My Mom now owns this restaurant and it is up and running again.Come enjoy and have a good time at Blazer on the Bay Long Bay Jamaica!

  4. so does Val own the restaurant or someone else now????

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