ATI Weekend and Smirnoff Dream Weekend – Negril, Jamaica – 2011 Dates

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NOTE: This was the 2011 party information. For 2014 dates & party details, please visit our latest Smirnoff Dream Weekend post and watch for updates!!

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ATI Weekend and Smirnoff Dream Weekend - Negril, Jamaica - 2011 Dates

ATI Weekend, Negril, JamaicaTHE LATEST:

The ATI (Appleton Temptation Island) Weekend and Smirnoff Dream Weekend (formerly Red Stripe) events held in beautiful Negril, Jamaica, are always HIGHLY anticipated each year. This is Jamaica's #1 blockbuster party weekend!! The confirmed dates are:

** ATI Weekend - July 29 to August 2, 2011.
** Smirnoff Dream Weekend - July 29 to August 1, 2011.

Smirnoff Dream Weekend, Negril, Jamaica

Promoters say artwork for this year's flyers is still out for approval but they expect tickets & arm/wristbands to go on sale near the end of May. As soon as there's a party schedule (usually announced at the beginning of June), I will post it along with the other important details. So be sure to check back often or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates. But, as usual, it's important to get your hotel reservations set up EARLY!

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  1. Is there a schedule of dates and performers available for ATI?


  2. Hi Tamika. My understanding is that the schedule will not be available until the end of May or beginning of June. Will keep you posted here as much as possible!

  3. would love to know if there is a band to be vip for all parties and if that band can be had at the start of the early bird ticket sales. Also would like to be posted as soon as early bird tickets go on sale


  4. I want to know when can i start to purchase bands for the parties

  5. Just booked my hotel and it was a challenge trying to find a hotel room already. Would definetly recommend anyone who plans on going to get your room locked in NOW!

  6. how much are the risk bands for ATI WEEKEND usually?

  7. I was looking up information about ATI weekend back in Jan. begining of Feb. and the site was up and running with full flyers and information/location of parties and wristbands for sale. Now, when I look, I can only hear the music on the website and non of the graphics show. Is the site down temporarily? And will it be available when wristbands go on sale?

  8. I wanna go, any idea how I ca win a free ticket/armband?

  9. i would like to know the schedule of all the parties and the theme for all the parties, thanks…

  10. hi, i just started hearing about ati. what is ati about and what r the dates?

  11. Hi Theresa,

    Thanks for letting me know. Are the dates of July 29-August 1 2011 accurate for ATI?


  12. when does the ATI and RTI goes on sale?

  13. i would like to know the cost for the season arm/wristbands.

  14. i love this website it informs u well on whatever u want to know.

  15. can wait!! i get to see ma baby Moneve

  16. Moneve Dixon can’t wait to see u Mario boyd can’t wait to meet u

  17. getting ready,bag pack already!!!!!!!

  18. What is the color scheme for A.T.I

  19. im looking for a roomate aug 3-6th( im a female) ..all inclusive 500.00..sunset on the

  20. Rented a house in Montego Bay iron shore estates have one room left price is affordable July 27-Aug 5th …Please contact me if your interested…Thanks

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