Visit Jamaica’s Own Wassi Art Pottery Works

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Visit Jamaica’s Own Wassi Art Pottery Works
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I LOVE art and crafts, particularly ethnic or cultural art and crafts from all corners of the world. I always try to pick up something unique and handmade during my travels so that every time I catch a glimpse of it, I remember my fabulous trip. Wassi Art pottery fits the bill.

If you're looking for a special gift or souvenir, please check out the beautiful pottery from Jamaica's own Wassi Art Pottery Works. Just like most places in the world today, a lot of Jamaica's souvenirs are really made in China, or are churned out of some factory by the hundreds. Don't you want something only YOU will have in your home for everyone to admire, something lovingly made by hand?

WassiArt creates some beautiful pieces of art pottery! Most of their artists are self-taught and are recruited from rural communities. And their clay is dug by hand from the Blue Mountains. So this art and its artisans are truly indigenous to Jamaica! It's the real deal. These pieces are cherished island treasures.

Wassi Art Pottery Jamaica

The name Wassi (wha-see) is an old Jamaica dialect word meaning "terrific", stinging like a wasp, a trait of excellence. Founded in 1990, Wassi Art pottery has made its way into many homes around the world. It's now considered to be one of the premier pottery factories in the Caribbean.

WassiArt Pottery Jamaica
As you can see in these photos, WassiArt's themes focus on daily Jamaican life, love, human spirit, family, nature and beauty. Some of the pieces you see here are older, so you may not find them today. But they have hundreds of other unique pieces to offer. Each piece is one-of-a-kind but, if you saw something you loved and it's no longer available, they will have it re-made just for you.
Wassi Art Pottery Jamaica

The Wassi Art main pottery studio and showroom which was located in Ocho Rios, St. Ann is currently CLOSED, but they will open the Wassi Artisan Village very soon at Bonham Spring Great House, Ocho Rios, on the same property as Irie River (White River area). (Edited 11/23/2014)

WassiArt also has a nice outlet shop at historic Devon House, 26 Hope Road in Kingston. They are open Monday thru Saturday from 10AM to 6PM. The Devon House shop also offers a wide array of fine Jamaican art from both established and up and coming artists, so there are lots of pieces to fall in love with. Visit the WassiArt website or WassiArt on Facebook to see more of their beautiful creations.

Aren't these pieces lovely?! Of course we could buy items online and have them shipped to us, but I think this calls for a special "buying trip" to Jamaica! :yes: :D

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  1. During the 1990s I bought some beautiful candlesticks from Wassi Art. It says they are by R.W. They have pride of place in my home. They are just one colour – green – almost verdigris with a pattern of leaves which exposes the brown pottery. They are so elegant – almost the opposite of the art aimed at tourists Wassi Art now produces. I feel it is so sad that Wassi Art is now so commercialised. I think it should go back to its original elegant style – or at least produce a range of true art.
    With thanks for my candlesticks.

  2. Hi Maggie. Sorry to be so slow in replying! I agree – I also prefer the older charming Wassi pottery. I see that the Wassi factory in Ocho Rios is currently closed, but they apparently plan to open the Wassi Artisan Village soon at Bonham Spring Great House, Ocho Rios, on the same property as Irie River (White River area). Let’s hope they consider producing some older-style Jamaican pieces. Merry Christmas! Theresa

  3. My wife and I visited Wassi when you were at Great Pond and again when you moved to Main street, Ocho Rios.
    I see you’ve moved again.
    We live in Montego Bay and have no idea where Bonham Spring Great House is.
    Relatives are coming over from England early next year and are admirers of Wassi pottery.
    Can you tell me where the great house is and when you wil be open to the public.

    Jim Vyse.

  4. Hi Jim.
    WassiArt is apparently opening a “Wassi Artisan Village” in the Bonham Spring Great House on the same property as Irie River. I don’t believe they are open yet, but message them on Facebook and they should be able to tell you how their re-location is going. Irie River is along the White River, just upstream from Ocho Rios. To find it, turn off the main at the Texaco gas station near White River. Take the road uphill about 15 minutes, past Exchange and Bonham. Irie River will be on the left. (This is just east of the Sandals Upton Golf Club.) Until they open, it seems we will have to get our Wassi pottery at their shop in Devon House in Kingston.

    Thanks for visiting! Theresa

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