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The Best of Jamaican Food

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"Sometimes you just have to get up off of that lounge chair and go explore." Great advice from the Travel Channel's Andrew Zimmern about experiencing wonderful Jamaican food! Some of my favorites are here - like chicken foot soup, curry goat, and tripe & beans. And some great places to try on your travels, like Aunt Merle's at Hellshire Beach for fresh fish, Cherry's One-Stop in Faith Pen, and exotic fruits from the stands in Bog Walk Gorge. Now I am HUNGRY! Enjoy... and go eat some Jamaican food! Yeah man. :yes: Part 1 Jamaican Food on "Bizarre Foods" featured on TRAVEL Part 2 Jamaican...

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Flash Flood Warning extended for Jamaica

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Flash Flood Warning extended Continued showers and thunderstorms forecast for at least the next two days. Thursday, September 30, 2010 THE Meteorological Service has extended the Flash Flood Warning for low-lying and flood prone areas of all parishes until 5:00 pm Friday. The warning means flooding has been reported or will occur shortly. Motorists and pedestrians should not attempt to cross flooded roadways or other low-lying areas as strong currents are likely. Residents in low-lying areas should be on the alert for rising waters and be ready to move quickly to higher ground. Although...

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Mystic Revealers’ Billy Wilmot: a Jamaican surf legend | Makka Pro this weekend (7/16-18, 2010)!

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One of my ALL-TIME favorite tunes is the Mystic Revealer's "Saw You Smiling" No video of that one but I found another I hope you'll enjoy. This was a great band; happy to see Billy 'Mystic' Wilmot is seeing his love for surfing and Jamaica come together! This is a great pastime for Jamaican kids. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Billy Wilmot: a Jamaican surf legend This weekend some of the brightest young talents in surfing are flocking from all over the Caribbean to join the Under My Wings surf camp with Ian Walsh in Jamaica. Their host is none other than the king of the island's surf culture, Billy Wilmot....

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Positive news about Kingston | “Every little thing’s gonna be alright” :-)

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Everything "Cris" in Kingston Published on Saturday, June 12, 2010 By Bevan Springer NEW YORK, USA -- Following my whirlwind visit to Kingston, Jamaica last weekend - the corporate and cultural capital of the Western Caribbean - travelers can rest assured that everything is "cool and cris." The recent civil unrest and the government's security response in the west Kingston neighborhood of Tivoli Gardens caused great concern among travel partners in the marketplace, so I was keen to see the situation firsthand and can verify that Jamaica's vibes are indeed still nice, and notwithstanding low...

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Blue Mountain Project: Call for Volunteers!

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The Blue Mountain Project (BMP) is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the U.S. and registered in Jamaica . They believe in sustainable economic development through education and empowerment. A partnership has been established between the BMP and the community of Hagley Gap, Jamaica. In addition to their other projects, every year The Blue Mountain Project puts together two weeks of fun and educational activities for the children of Hagley Gap and Penlyne Castle in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Maybe you would like to help? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Posted by Linda Ganister at 6:46am In...

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Jamaican leader plots a great escape

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IMHO, the ONLY way PM Bruce Golding could possibly repair his shattered reputation would be for him to keep his word to “target criminal gangs wherever they exist, irrespective of their political alliances..." If he could dispense with the "politricks" once and for all & clean up Jamaica's escalating crime problem, people may actually consider voting for him again. If he's serious about his political future, this is the only thing that can save him (just my opinion). I watch with interest... and HOPE FOR PEACE in Jamaica. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ June 3, 2010 Jamaican leader plots a great escape The...

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