Clarendon Jamaica Hotels & Lodging (May Pen, Milk River)

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Some parishes in Jamaica, like Clarendon, are mostly rural, and these "country" areas aren't always geared toward travelers. Of course, that's what makes Jamaica so interesting! But it also means that there are not many Clarendon Jamaica hotels and lodging options.

If you don't find something below that suits your fancy, remember to check in the neighboring Parishes of Manchester and Saint Catherine. You may find the perfect accommodations just a few miles away in either direction. For example, the distance from May Pen to Old Harbour in St. Catherine is about 13 miles, and about 25 minutes by car.

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B&Bs & Hotels In Clarendon Jamaica


Bridge Palm Hotel – Toll Gate (15 min. west of May Pen)

Bridge Palm Clarendon Jamaica hotels(UPDATE: Bridge Palm has been getting terrible reviews at I would recommend another choice, although there are few options in Clarendon.) A popular wedding venue (they can cater up to 5 weddings at a time!), the Bridge Palm Hotel is located in the rural south coast community of Toll Gate, about 20 minutes from Mandeville and 45 minutes from Kingston. They offer 20 rooms of various sizes with private baths, A/C, cable TV and a balcony or terrace. Breakfast is included in the rates. The large property is lavishly landscaped and has a central lily pond with a photogenic white bridge crossing over it as well as a swimming pool. Phone: 876.987.1035. Visit them on the web.


Charleton's Guest House - Sandy Bay (15 min. from May Pen or Old Harbour)

charletons-guest-house-may-pen-jamaicaLocated in the quiet picturesque community of Sandy Bay, Charleton's Guest House offers one very reasonably priced (US$39.99/ night) double bedroom which will accommodate two guests. The rate includes complimentary breakfast. Contact the owner at HomeToGo.

Dynasty Jamaica Hotel - Baker's Pen, Toll Gate (15 min. west of May Pen)

dynasty-hotel-toll-gate-clarendon-jamaicaYou'll find Dynasty Jamaica Hotel along the highway between May Pen (Clarendon) and Mandeville (Manchester). It offers 29 comfortable 1-bedroom guest apartments equipped with private bathroom, A/C, cable TV, Wi-Fi, hot and cold water, and an outdoor swimming pool. Children up to 13 stay free with two paying adults. There's a restaurant on-site, and they have conference and banqueting facilities to accommodate business and social events. Phone: 876.987.1221.


Fairfield Guest House - Lot 63, Fairfield Dr, May Pen

default-flowerIf you're visiting family in Clarendon or are looking for the quieter side of Jamaica, consider the Fairfield Guest House in May Pen. Guests describe it as nice, quiet and safe. It offers 14 air-conditioned rooms, has a restaurant/bar, and can even accommodate small weddings. Phone: 876.986.4344; 876.902.0601-4.


Hotel Versalles - 42 Longbridge Rd., May Pen

hotel-versalles-may-pen-clarendon2Hotel Versalles gets mixed reviews from visitors, but should be considered if you need a place to stay in May Pen. In its heyday in the 1990s, it was known as the "Shining Jewel of Jamaica’s South Coast". There are 62 air-conditioned rooms, from standard to suites to fully equipped apartments. All have en-suite bathrooms, and are clean, spacious and tastefully decorated. There's an outdoor swimming pool (which is not always maintained) and 24-hour security. Two on-site restaurants serve Jamaican and Chinese cuisine and seafood. Conference facilities can accommodate meetings, banquets and weddings for up to 500 guests. Phone: 876.986.2775.

Joe's Place Guest House - Summerfield

joes-place-summerfield-clarendon-jamaicaLocated in the mountains around Chapelton (the former parish capital), Summerfield is about 1 hour and 15 minutes by car north of May Pen. It's also about 1 1/2 hours by car to St. Ann's Bay on the North Coast. Joe's Place offers several guest rooms in this relatively new and colorful large home. It sits on a hill with a beautiful view. There is also a swimming pool on the property. The owner must be European because all prices are in Euros (which convert to about US$90 to US$120 per night). Contact the owner via (There are 3 rooms listed separately.)


Lions Villa - 17 Chapelton Road, May Pen

hibiscus-flowerThis small guest house in May Pen offers 8 basic rooms with fans and cable TV. At least two of the rooms have air-conditioning (ask for them). They are located just 10-15 minutes from the town square. Phone: 876.986.7353. Visit them on the web.


Milk River Hotel and Spa - Middlesex, Milk River

Milk River Hotel and SpaThere are few good lodging choices in Clarendon Parish, but the historic Milk River Hotel and Spa is worth consideration, especially if you want to try the mineral baths. In operation since 1794, today it is a Jamaican national monument and is operated by the Ministry of Tourism. In 2008, Milk River received a grant from the government to carry out extensive refurbishing and upgrading work and this is underway. The Milk River Spa is said to be one of the most radioactive in the world and is similar to the Lucerne Spa in Switzerland. The hotel is a very large old wooden building built against a limestone cliff overlooking the Milk River. Rooms are upstairs from the mineral baths. Accommodations in the hotel are not plush, but very clean and comfortable, and most rooms have private baths. The food and customer service here is reportedly quite good. The benefit for hotel guests is that the room rates include free access to the mineral spas 24 hours a day. Due to the radioactivity of the therapeutic waters, they suggest that you spend no more than 15 to 30 minutes at a time in the baths, so staying in the hotel is a much nicer way to get the most of your visit. With the unpredictable flood plains in southern Clarendon, try to visit during the dry season. The road that takes you to Milk River Hotel and Spa can be quite bumpy and exhausting but the experience is well worth the visit! We look forward to the room upgrades here along with their planned steam rooms, massages and other modern spa services to enhance the facilities. Phone: 876.610.7745 or 876.610.7747. Read a recent article about them here in the Jamaica Gleaner or find them on Facebook.

Platinum Hotel - Gimme-Me-Bit, May Pen

platinum-hotel-may-pen-clarendonAnother basic option in the very quiet community of Gimme-Me-Bit, near Manningfield Pen, is the Platinum Hotel. They offer standard rooms at reasonable rates with a bed-and-breakfast option. Phone: 876.987.5876 or 876.987.5887. Find them on Facebook.

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  1. HELLO AGAIN I found the correct phone numbers for the MILK River Bath Hotel and Spa. 876-610-7745 and 876-610-7747.

  2. Thanks Tanya. I have made the corrections. I appreciate the follow-up!

  3. hi from england we wanna find a hotel in may pen clarenden but need to no prices please can sum 1 help me lol

  4. Hello I am going to May Pen Clarendon in the next fortnight and is looking for accomodation for a few night. Is there anywhere else to stay apart from the Versalles Hotel in May Pen. I have read the review, it is not very good. Dont want to risk staying there with a young child.

  5. I would like to know do you have any motels in may pen or mandeville that are inexpensive for a long stay

  6. Hi Anne. The only properties we are aware of in May Pen or the Mandeville area are listed on the site. We don’t do any kind of bookings. If you want their rates for long stays, you will have to contact them directly. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Hey Everybody, in case anyone is interested, i have a fully furnished one bedroom apartment available for both short-term and long-term rental. Located at Oliver Place in May Pen, Clarendon the apartment is about 2-3 minutes from the town centre. Feel free to visit the website and send me a link if you are interested.

  8. Thanks Roxann!

  9. Thanks for the suggestions. Will check out some of these spots, thanks. See you in Jamaica!!!

  10. Hi Roxanne I am interesting in renting your place in July give me a link

  11. Hi Winston. Try her website at THere’s a phone# there too.

  12. Hi Winston,

    I’ll be more than happy to assist. You can email me directly at or give me a call at 1-876-822-8443.

  13. Hello Theresa,

    Thank you for addressing Winston.

    All the best!!

  14. Hi Theresa,

    I was really interested in booking a room at the Charlton Guest House and went to the website you have stated but cannot find an email to contact them by. There is however phone number but I would really prefer an email. Would you happen of have one?
    Separately, I have been trying to find the cancellation policy at Lionsvilla as I am also interested in booking a room here but they do not seem to have one on their website. I tried emailing them to request this info but the email came back as undeliverable; incorrect email I guess.
    I would really appreciate it if you could supply me with the relevant information.
    Thank you

    Warm Regards
    Liverpool, UK

  15. Hello Sharon. Thanks for visiting! For Charlton House, I would contact them via the “Send a Message” button on their listing at I have no other contact info for them. I also have no other contact info for Lions Villa, aside from the phone number. Many of these small Jamaican guesthouses are not reliably connected to the internet, so they conduct most of their business by telephone. Good luck! If you find that either one is no longer in business, please let me know. I try to keep up with them, but it can be hard to do! Merry Christmas! Theresa

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