Beaches & Fun Things to Do in Falmouth Jamaica (Trelawny)

Beaches & Fun Things to Do in Falmouth Jamaica (Trelawny)
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Beaches and Fun Things to Do in Falmouth Jamaica

There are beautiful beaches, rivers, caves, farmers markets, eco-tourist destinations, and lots of fun things to do in Falmouth Jamaica and throughout Trelawny Parish. If you're interested in cultural activities and the historical buildings and sites in the area, particularly in the historic town of Falmouth, click here.

If you're arriving in Falmouth for the day via cruise ship, you may be interested in some of the tours and excursions we have listed throughout this page offered by our sponsors. Also remember that you will be very near to Saint James Parish (Montego Bay) and Saint Ann Parish (Ocho Rios), so be sure to check those pages for more fun things to do in Falmouth Jamaica and the surrounding area!

TIP: Falmouth is no different than most cruise ports around the world. Cruiseship lines make special deals with tour operators, taxis and vendors in an effort to "help" you decide what to see and do in port. Unfortunately, money talks, and you may be dissuaded from doing what YOU want to do. Don't be afraid to pass the first taxi stands you see and look for independent taxis/drivers. There are plenty of them, they are safe, and they will be thrilled to take you where you want to go. Fares will vary based on where you're going, how many people, etc., but be sure to agree on the fare before you get into the taxi.

Here are some fun things to do in Falmouth Jamaica, along with some hidden gems:

  • Braco Stables: The Braco Estate is located just outside Duncans, about halfway between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. It dates back to the mid 1700s, when the estate grew sugar cane and made sugar in its own factory. The adjoining property, Bryan Castle, was part of the Estate at that time. The Great House was located there and the Overseer’s house was located at Braco. The Overseer's House (also called Braco "Great" House) has been restored and is now a private residence. Braco Stables offers a variety of great tours, including horseback rides. The beach ride takes you alongside the Braco beach, past an old abandoned airstrip (built during World War II) then on to a private beach where you can swim with your horse. Rides are available at 10.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. daily, and you must be at least 5 years old (or 10 & over for the Bike & Ride tour). Advanced reservations are recommended.
  • Burwood Beach - This lovely beach is located about 4 or 5 miles east of Falmouth (less than a 10-minute taxi ride), just past the Royalton White Sands Hotel and just off the highway on your left when heading from Falmouth. It's across on the opposite side of White Bay from Time N' Place (see below) and the new N Resort. It's a clean, secluded white-sand beach with clear water and is free for public use (for now).
  • Glistening Waters (or Luminous Lagoon) - To the east of Falmouth is a bay (Oyster Bay) that has a mysterious glow at night. This "Luminous Lagoon" contains a large concentration of bioluminescent micro-organisms called dinoflagellates. The water glows green at night with the effect of the phosphorescence. Formed where the Martha Brae River meets the Caribbean, the organisms thrive in the combination of warm fresh water and sea water. There used to be a wharf here where large vessels from England unloaded their goods onto smaller ships to be delivered inland via the Martha Brae. Although there is bioluminescence in other places, the concentrations of these dinoflagellates are this great in only four places in the world, and Jamaica's Glistening Waters is reportedly one of the brightest. I love this place, but go when there is no moon in the sky (totally dark) if you can. We were taken out in a small motorboat, and its wake glows like neon. You can get out and swim, and you glow as you move in the water, but the water is only 4 to 8 feet deep and rather muddy. Wear beach shoes. If you splash the water on someone, it sparkles like fireworks. Boats leave each evening at dark, about every 30 minutes, from the Glistening Waters Marina where there is also a restaurant. The boat ride will take about 45 minutes. Read more about Glistening Waters in our recent post!

Luminous Lagoon Night Cruise in Jamaica - $48.99

from: Viator

Visit Jamaica's fascinating Luminous Lagoon on a night cruise!
Cruise around the glowing lagoon in a small boat at night with your
expert guide and go for a dip in the colorful water. Enjoy a
complimentary rum beverage on board as your guide answers
any questions you have about this fascinating lagoon.

  • Jacob Taylor Public Bathing Beach - This spectacular beach in Trelawny is sometimes called Jacob Taylor Beach, Fisherman's Beach, Duncan's Public Beach, Duncan's Bay Beach or Silver Sands Public Beach. It's located in Duncans, Trelawny, about 10 miles from Falmouth and just next door to the Silver Sands Villas. There are changing facilities, showers and toilets, picnic tables, swings and see-saws, and lights. There's also a little bar/cookshop on the beach where you can get drinks & snacks. A few years ago the beach was privatized, but the owners (who include Silver Sands) maintain it as a clean, safe and FREE public beach, although there is a small fee to use the facilities. The sand is powdery, the swimming is nice because the bay is reef-protected, and the water is clear (good for snorkeling). Along with Silver Sands Beach which connects to it (private for owners/renters), this may be one of the nicest stretches of beaches on the North Coast. When looking for fun things to do in Falmouth Jamaica, it's hard to go wrong spending the day here. There's a large sign by the road that will lead you a few hundred yards downhill toward the water on the left of the Silver Sands entrance gate. If staying in Duncans Bay or Silver Sands, it's an easy walk. If coming from a cruise ship or an area hotel, take a taxi; it's a short ride and will be on your left as you come from Falmouth. My favorite thing about Jacob Taylor Beach is that there are fishermen working here and a small craft market. Buy some freshly caught fish for your dinner, a souvenir to take home (check out the woodcarvings by Moputu Purrier, a.k.a. "Puty"), or watch a dominoes game. These vendors are not pushy like those you find in the tourist traps. Talk to them, ask questions, and enjoy the laid-back Jamaican vibe. You will not usually find it crowded unless you go on a weekend when local families enjoy the beach. If a Falmouth Port taxi tells you this beach is "not recommended" (probably because they would like you to spend money elsewhere), please find another taxi!!
  • Jamaica Swamp Safari - Trespassers will be eaten here - just kidding! Located in the natural mangroves of Falmouth, Jamaica Swamp Safari is home to over 30 endangered American Crocodiles, the also endangered Jamaican Boa Constrictor (Yellow Snake), and the once thought extinct Jamaican Coney. See rare birds in their walk-through aviary, watch them feed the crocodiles, and check out the various unusual animals they have on hand. Open daily from 9am – 4pm, with guided tours on the half-hour which last about 1 1/4 hours. There is also a restaurant and bar here open daily from 9am to 10pm. Phone: 876.617.2798.
  • Martha Brae Rafting Village: The three mile rafting trip down the Martha Brae begins at Rafters Village, a picnic ground situated on a great loop of this swift flowing river near Perth Town. Long bamboo rafts are maneuvered by skillful raftsmen; it's a smooth and easy ride. At places further down river there are pools to bathe and shady glades to pass under. The raftsman will tell you legends of Martha Brae while you ride. The river, legend says, was named after an Arawak sorceress who drowned a party of greedy, gold-hunting Spaniards in it. Remember to tip your river guide. Also, bring insect repellent as the mosquitoes can be very rambunctious!

Falmouth Shore Excursion: Martha Brae River Rafting - $74.99

from: Viator

Enjoy a day on the river while you're in port in Falmouth! Raft down
the Martha Brae River while your local guide points out native plants
and animals along the riverbed. If you're in the mood for a day
outdoors, this is the perfect shore excursion for you!

  • Outameni Experience - Just opposite the Royalton White Sands Hotel (formerly Breezes Trelawny) is the Outameni Experience. Outameni is situated on an old plantation with the historic Orange Grove Great House (over 200 years old) overlooking it. They present the history of Jamaica, from Taino to Rasta, in an interactive way, using a combination of music, dancing, singing, film and dramatic re-enactments. You "travel" through small villages depicting the various cultures that formed Jamaica – Taino, Spanish, African, English, Indian, Chinese, up to today. Guests say it’s quite a fun, informative but a bit expensive. Outameni is open from 9.30 a.m. on Wednesdays through Fridays and on Saturdays to Tuesdays for group bookings only. The fully guided "experiences" operate from 10am to 3pm, each lasting about one hour or slightly longer. Di Shack is on-site for refreshments. Phone: 876.954-4035. Click on their name in red above to visit their website.
  • Paintball Jamaica - If you're dying to play laser tag or just shoot paintballs at your friends, Paintball Jamaica is a 7-minute drive from Falmouth, 30 minutes from the Montego Bay Pier, and 1 ½ hrs from Ocho Rios. It's nestled in the lush woodlands of Martha Brae, Trelawny, off of Good Hope Road. They have diverse terrain and fun paintball experiences suitable for every skill level. Minimum age is 14. If younger than 18, a parent/guardian must sign a release form. They also welcome groups and parties. Phone: 876.436.9230.
  • Quashie River Sink Cave Exploration - Spelunkers will love exploring Jamaica's caves, and some of the most scenic ones accessible to visitors are located in Trelawny, very close to Albert Town. Albert Town is the largest town in southeastern Trelawny, an area dotted with small villages, rural communities and agricultural districts. Located on the outskirts of the Cockpit Country, this is a beautiful area with cool hills and valleys covered with exotic tropical plants, intriguing limestone caves and many underground rivers and waterfalls. Albert Town is about a 50-minute drive from Falmouth and 1 1/2 hours from Montego Bay. Two of the most captivating caving experiences in Jamaica, with mazes, secret chambers and waterfalls within the various limestone rock formations, are located here. Cockpit Country Adventure Tours offers this tour and several others in association with the Southern Trelawny Environmental Agency which is headquartered in Albert Town. Their website isn't up to date, but you can phone them at 876.610.0818 or email to info(at)
  • River Rapids Adventures on the Rio Bueno - River Rapids Adventures is a new attraction located just 20 minutes from the Falmouth cruise port. The Rio Bueno serves as the boundary between Trelawny and Saint Ann Parishes. They offer a variety of fun adventures here that will please everyone. A popular excursion for mild adventure seekers is the river rafting tour where you ride down the river in a white water raft captained by an experienced guide. For more of a challenge, try white water kayaking to get a feel for the class 1 and class 2 rapids on the river. Or get wet and wild on their tubing tour or surf the water on a river board. All tours are fully guided and end on a private beach located close to the river delta. Customized tours can be arranged for groups of 8 to 300 people. If you're not in Falmouth, you can reach the Rio Bueno River location from Ocho Rios or Montego Bay in about 40 minutes, and from Runaway Bay in about 20 minutes. Phone: 876.954.0185.

Jamaica River-Tubing Adventure on the Rio Bueno - $58.99

Falmouth Shore Excursion: Jamaica River-Tubing Adventure
on the Rio Bueno
- $69.99

from: Viator

While in port in Jamaica, tube down the Rio Bueno on this exciting
Falmouth shore excursion! Unleash your adventurous side as you float over
rushing river rapids with your expert guide. Afterwards, spend time relaxing
on the beach or swim in the warm waters at Bengal Bay. If you're seeking
adrenaline-filled fun, this exciting river-tubing tour is perfect for you!


Jamaica River-Rafting Adventure on the Rio Bueno - $58.99

Falmouth Shore Excursion: Jamaica River-Rafting Adventure
on the Rio Bueno
- $69.99

from: Viator

While in port in Jamaica, enjoy the magnificent tropical scenery on
this river-rafting adventure down the Rio Bueno, one of the most scenic
rivers in Jamaica! Take an exciting Falmouth shore excursion and feel the
rush of the Class II rapids as you follow your guide downstream. Make
your way to Bengal Bay and relax in the sun after your river-rafting tour.
This fun, safe, adrenaline-filled tour is perfect for the whole family!


Save 34%: River Boarding on the Rio Bueno in Jamaica - $58.99

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Discover the Rio Bueno by river board on this exciting tour in
Jamaica! Follow your expert guide through rushing rapids of the
Rio Bueno, a river in Jamaica, as you make your way to the Caribbean
Sea. If you're looking for an adventure-filled tour, then this
unique experience is perfect for you.

  • Windsor Caves: At the deepest passable point in Cockpit Country is the tiny town of Windsor, close to Dromilly and Deeside. The Windsor Caves are a virtual treasure chest, with huge deposits of guano, the largest bat population on the island and fascinating and beautiful formations in the limestone rock. To preserve the cave and its inhabitants, entry has been limited to persons conducting research and experienced spelunkers. You must get an experienced guide if you wish to explore these caves; inquire at the Windsor Research Centre via email to windsor (at) cwjamaica (dot) com or on the grounds of Windsor Great House. There are several levels and large chambers in the caves and you can explore safely for more than a mile. This Northwestern interior of Jamaica is a fiercely rugged area, largely inaccessible to humans.

Falmouth Shore Excursion: Green Grotto Caves Tour - $59.99

from: Viator

Explore some of Jamaica's most beautiful caves while in port
in Falmouth! Explore the Green Grotto Caves on this 2.5-hour shore
excursion. Filled with rich Jamaican history, these caves near Ocho
Rios are something you won't want to miss while you're in Jamaica!




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  1. How can i get the contact details for the following beaches:

    Burwood Beach

    Jacob Taylor Public Beach/Fisherman’s Beach

    We are trying to have a family trip to one of these places

    would appreciate a response ASAP

  2. Hi. Sorry for the slow reply. Those beaches have no official phone numbers that I am aware of. My suggestion would be to contact either Silver Sands Villas since both beaches are just outside their property and ask them how to get in touch with someone OR contact the owner of Jacob’s Beach Bar at Jacob Taylor Beach. Their Facebook page has phone numbers. Good luck!

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