Curry Goat

Curry Goat
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Curry Goat - Jamaica's #1 Party Food

The other red meat of the English-speaking Caribbean – goat – is so common that any party without this delicious, juicy meat would be a complete waste of time!

So how did Jamaicans come to eat goat meat anyway? The East Indians who migrated to Jamaica are responsible. They were accustomed to eating lamb, especially curried lamb, in India but, when they arrived in Jamaica, they were unable to find lambs anywhere. Instead of giving up their beloved curry dishes, they chose goat meat instead.

Curried Goat (pronounced as simply "Curry Goat" by Jamaicans) became a classic Jamaican dish and remains so to this day. It is usually seasoned very well, and peppered heavily. Don't be turned off from eating goat because you're only used to seeing the animals on farms. Goat meat is actually very tender and delicious and very much enjoyed by Jamaicans.

Curry Goat is Jamaica's most popular dish. It illustrates just how spicy Jamaican's like their food, as the dish is heavily seasoned and cooked with the world's hottest peppers called Scotch Bonnet Peppers. Curry Goat is eaten often by Jamaican families and can be eaten for lunch or dinner. The meat is usually served on a bed of fluffy, white rice with a side of vegetables and maybe some fried plantains.

Curry Goat is sometimes called Jamaica's #1 Party Food because you can find this dish at every Jamaican gathering, whether you’re at a house party, a jam, a wedding, a child's birthday party or a five-star hotel.

Follow the link to our favorite recipe for Curry Goat if you want to give this delicious dish a try. This is one of my favorites and it's quite simple to make at home for that wonderful taste of Jamaica! Yeah mon!


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