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Buy Jamaican Groceries on the Web

jamaican-groceries-onlineYou don't have to fly to Jamaica to cook Jamaican food! If you can't find the traditional spices and seasonings you need at your local grocery store, West Indian grocery store, or Afro-Caribbean market in your area, you can order Jamaican groceries from on-line merchants.

The beauty of online shopping is that sometimes the Jamaican groceries will be less expensive when purchased online compared to the price at your local market, even when you factor in the shipping cost.

And, HALLELUJAH, we can finally buy pimento wood chips, charcoal and other pimento items, along with spices and gifts, to make our jerk cooking totally authentic!


Online Merchants Who Sell Jamaican Groceries:

  • Young Ambo - Have groceries delivered to the homes of your loved ones


Allspice, Jamaican, Whole, 1.3 oz x 6 Bottles, Spice Hunter - $32.28

Retail Price: $39.00
You Save: $6.72
from: VitaSprings.com

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil - 8 oz - $12.69
from: SleekHair.com

If you know of other on-line merchants who sell Jamaican groceries, food, spices or seasonings on the internet, please let us know using our CONTACT US page.

Be sure to check out Amazon.com and eBay.com - they carry a surprisingly large variety of Jamaican food products:



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  1. Hey mon:do ya sell scotch bonnets,escallion,breadfruit or callalo or what where I might fetch these fresh items?i live in new jersey.


  2. Hi. We don’t sell anything, but you might want to check out Tropical Sun Supermarket, 390 Main St., East Orange, NJ 07018 (973)673-8664. They specialize in Caribbean, West Indian, Jamaican, Haitian, Guyanese and Trinidadian groceries and carry fresh vegetables and produce. You could also check African-Caribbean markets in the area. Hope this helps!

  3. Hi, There’s also Saturday Market Jamaica and they ship to basically every country worldwide. saturdaymarketjamaica.com

  4. Hi. Thanks for the info! I added Saturday Market to the page.

  5. please visit this website for authentic Jamaican products. with shipping worldwide and delivery in 3/5 days.www.ritajam.com is the best online service

  6. Thanks Rita. I added your site to the list.

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