Jamaican Recipes

Jamaican Recipes
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Please mouseover "Recipes" in the above menu for a drop-down list. We will only add recipes we have tried ourselves or that come from reliable red-blooded Jamaican cooks!

We all know about Jamaica’s famous Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork, right? Well, have you ever tried Escoveitch Fish, Ackee and Saltfish, Pepperpot Soup, Curry Goat, Festival, Rice & Peas, Plantain Porridge, Sorrel, Callaloo and Dumplings, Roti, Cow Foot, Gizzada, Bun & Cheese, Blue Draws (Drawers) a.k.a. Duckunoo or Tie Leaf, Stamp and Go, Fish Tea, Bulla, Breadfruit, Pop Chow, or Ital Stew Peas with Spinners? Some pretty strange-sounding names but, WOW, is it all delicious - yeah, man!

You may have grown up eating these great dishes, or tried many of them when you visited Jamaica, and wish you could recreate them at home. Some of them may be unfamiliar, but you will learn to make them all in no time.

Our recipes may not be exactly the way your Granny used to make them. Some have been modernized and, where possible, we have tried to list substitutions in the event you can’t find a particular ingredient in your neighborhood. Why do everything the hard way in the 21st Century? We also have links to a few online merchants who carry those hard-to-find items. Check them out!

On-line sources for Jamaican food products and spices: Click here

Check back often for more great Jamaican recipes.


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  1. Hello. I would like to get information on Jamaican events around Westmoreland and recipes please. Thank you

  2. Hi Sue! You should find a “print/PDF” button on every page (recipes, event calendar, etc). It will format the pages for you so you can easily print them out. Does that help? Thanks for visiting KeepItJiggy.com!


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