Jamaican Rum Punch

Jamaican Rum Punch
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Rum Punch Recipe


This one has a rhyme that goes with it to help you remember the recipe:

"1 of sour, 2 of sweet, 3 of strong, and 4 of weak.”

Simple and refreshing!



1 of sour = 1 measure of lime juice

2 of sweet = 1 measure of granulated sugar and 1 measure of syrup (see below)

3 of strong = 3 measures of Jamaican rum (I use a dark rum - the best!)

4 of weak = 4 measures of water


Mix all ingredients together and serve over ice.

A “measure” can be whatever you like, depending on how much you want to make – a jigger, a cup, etc. Just be sure to use the same “measure” for all four steps.

How To Make Sugar Syrup

One measure of granulated sugar

One measure of water

Cook over low heat until thick. Pour into a bottle for later use in your drink mixes.

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  1. My mom had me make this but the added grapefruit juice and pineapple juice and sprint.

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