Jamaica Weather Forecasts

Jamaica Weather Forecasts
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Jamaica weather - What can you expect?

Jamaica has a spectacular climate year-round! Average daytime temperatures range from 75° to 80°F (23°-26°C). July and August are usually the hottest months and February the coolest. The climate is very tropical (hot and humid). May and October are the rainiest months, with the most rain falling in the mountains and the eastern parishes (Portland and Saint Thomas).

Having been there at all times of the year, I can say that when rain does fall, it is usually hard and heavy (like no rain I've ever seen before!), it lasts for just a short time, and then the sky clears and the sun shines. If you see a rainy forecast, don't despair - weather changes quickly in Jamaica! If you plan to be at the higher altitudes of Jamaica's interior mountains or out on the water after dark, bring a light jacket as the evening breezes can become cool.

The "H"-word:

Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June 1 through November 30 each year. Keep in mind, however, that the Caribbean is a much bigger area than you think, so the chances of a hurricane finding this little island are slim. Many Jamaicans, in fact, refer to past events as having happened "before Gilbert (1988)" or "after Ivan (2004)", for example, because Jamaica experiences very few large hurricanes.

It's far more common to experience the rains and wind on the outskirts of a big storm passing through the region. Hurricane forecasting is excellent with today's technology so, if you have any concerns, visit the National Hurricane Center website to see if anything is going on. Again, don't let it spoil your plans. I survived Gustav in August 2008; except for the inconveniences of sweeping water out of my hotel room every hour and no electrical power for a few days (meaning no ice for my drinks), I had a wonderful time!!

Weather Forecasts around the Island

Below are Jamaica weather forecasts for today and the next five days. They begin with Kingston and travel eastward around the island, counter-clockwise, ending at Christiana in the mountains of Manchester parish (near the very center of Jamaica).










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