New & Collectible Maps of Jamaica

New & Collectible Maps of Jamaica
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Maps of Jamaica

Are you looking for driving maps of Jamaica to guide you on your adventures? Maybe you need a wall map or a map to tell you all the best scuba diving locations? There are some really good resources here for maps of Jamaica - of all kinds.

View our map of Jamaica in relation to the rest of the Caribbean and the Parishes. Also, scroll down the page to check out the maps available from and those available from eBay.

Here are some other great sources for maps of Jamaica; click the red links to check them out:

  • Jamaica Road Map - View a GREAT road map at which was offered by Esso back in 1967. Nothing much has changed! I love this one because it lists all of the smaller towns and communities. They also provide topographic maps for those of you who want to go caving or exploring.
  • Jamaica Travel and City Maps - offers a great variety of Jamaica maps for sale including downloadable digital maps for use with your PC or PocketPC! They also offer paper maps, topographic and geological maps. A nice feature allows you to view a sample page before you buy.
  • Kingston Road Map - Click to zoom in on this road map for a quick view of  Kingston.
  • Montego Bay City Map - Click on different areas of the map to enlarge. This one gives you a good view of the locations of hotels, resorts and restaurants.
  • Negril Tourist and Resort Map - Check out these wonderful maps of Negril, which was updated in NOVEMBER 2011. It includes a Jamaica overview map and more details in Negril, and identifies all the hotels, resorts, restaurants, places to shop and activities in Negril. There are close-ups for the 7-Mile Beach and Cliffs/West End areas. The best part is you can print this map on your PC; just follow their instructions!
  • Ocho Rios Resort Map - This simple map shows you where the major resorts, hotels and shopping centers are in Ocho Rios.
  • CIA Map & Facts about Jamaica - The map from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency is very simple, but the page provides lots of up-to-date facts and figures about Jamaica, its people, government, geography and economy.



eBay: Occasionally available on eBay, there are beautiful vintage and antique collectible maps from the 18th and 19th centuries when Jamaica was part of the British Empire. To find them, check out the listings below.



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  1. any one have any online information about Dublin castle St. Andrews. Its rarely shown on any maps. Thanks.

  2. Have you seen the Gleaner article on driving through Dublin Castle? No details really, but he was driving east beyond Gordon Town into the mountains. Dublin Castle appears to have been a coffee estate in St. Andrew in the late 19th Century (listed as owner – Aitkin (Aitken??) and estate lawyer – John McLean). This area would have originally been part of Port Royal Parish which was absorbed into St. Andrew in 1866. The only other clue I found was this excerpt “On the estate called “Greenwich,” for instance, and likewise at Spitzbergen, and Dublin Castle (the latter in the Port Royal mountains), are some old tombs.” The lawyer, John McLean, is listed as the owner of Cold Spring estate and the lawyer for several others in the area – Clifton Mount & Silver Hill. I’d guess these were all formerly part of one very large estate/plantation (probably including Dublin Castle) which was later split up, so I would think they were all in the same vicinity. If you look at the old Esso map and follow the road east from Gordon Town, then north beyond Content Gap, you’ll find St. Peters and Silver Hill (one of the McLean estates). Must be in this area. Hope something helped!! And welcome to!

  3. Don’t know if that Gleaner link will work so here’s the URL

    You can go to the Esso map from my Maps page.

  4. Thanks for the effort you took to expand upon this post so thoroughly. I look forward to future posts.
    There are various sea vessels involved in shipping to jamaica. It may include box boats or container ships, bulk carriers, tankers, ferries, cable layers, dredgers and barges.

  5. I am writing some stories of my childhood in Jamaica circa 1960 and desperately need some maps of the island and Kingston in particular. If anyone can help me, please contact me at maxoverton at hotmail dot com.


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