Things to Do in Clarendon Jamaica

Things to Do in Clarendon Jamaica
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Clarendon Parish:
What to Do, What to See


Clarendon’s interesting historic and cultural sites include:
  • Halse Hall Great House which stands upon land given to Major Thomas Hales, an English officer, in 1655. Halse played a leading role in the Maroon Wars. After his death in 1702, the house was owned by Francis Saddler Halse and was expanded.
  • May Pen Clock Tower. The stone tower is 24 feet tall by 8 feet deep and wide and may have been erected following World War II.
  • Milk River Spa, a mineral spa established in 1794, famous worldwide for its therapeutic radioactive waters;
  • Saint Peter's Church. One of Jamaica’s oldest churches is in Alley, the old capital of a former parish, Vere. It was founded in 1671 and the current brick and mortar structure was erected around 1715;

  • Vernam Field, the former American lend-lease air base (later called Vernam Air Force Base), named in honor of American World War I ace pilot Remington D.B. Vernam. Vernam Field is known for drag racing – it is the site of Jamaica’s first car-racing track.


For hotels, inns, guesthouses and B&Bs in the May Pen and Milk River area, click here.

To find out more about the history of Clarendon Parish and the surrounding area, click here.


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