What to Do in Jamaica | Jamaica Activities

What to Do in Jamaica | Jamaica Activities
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Jamaica Activities - What to Do, What to See


Jamaica has a very rich history dating back to the 7th Century (Arawak/Taino Indian settlement) and to the 15th Century (when it was colonized by Spanish explorers). Consequently, this fascinating island has a cherished blend of many cultures, which explains its motto: Out of Many, One People. There are interesting historical buildings, plantation great houses, museums and cultural sites in every parish.

The island also has all the things you would expect to find in this gorgeous tropical paradise - stunning beaches, dramatic waterfalls, recreational activities, nature reserves, bird sanctuaries and places of interest to eco-tourists, and a ton of fun things to do! We have included some of our favorite hidden Jamaican gems.

We have linked you to more information about as many of our suggestions as possible. The Jamaica National Heritage Trust website contains great information about the buildings, monuments and cultural sights it protects and preserves, so many of the building links will take you to their site. And, if we were able to find the official website for any particular place, we linked you to it so you might obtain hours, prices or get more information.

And, don't forget, Jamaica's most precious treasure is her warm, friendly people. Stop them and ask for information about their villages or for directions. They are proud of their island and culture and are always happy to help you. Or hire one to take you around - they're the absolute best tour guides!

If you know where you're headed (or even if you haven't yet decided), click a parish in the dropdown menu above or select a parish below and start planning your trip!



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