WELCOME to KeepItJiggy.com!

WELCOME to KeepItJiggy.com!
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Whether you are a local resident or a tourist, I urge you to enjoy Jamaica with an open mind and embrace its spirit.

Yes, travel in developing countries presents some unique challenges (bad roads, sporadic hot water/ electricity), but think of the hilarious stories you'll have to tell later. If you judged every country by the negative things people say, you would never go anywhere. Go. Smile. Be patient. Breathe. And don’t be afraid to say no.

With common sense & the same precautions you'd take anywhere, traveling Jamaica will give you a new respect for your easy life in the developed world. While Jamaica can definitely provide you with "first world comfort", you'll never experience the spirit of the place by staying inside the walls of your hotel.

Explore the beauty, music, culture & people of Jamaica by eating in local cookshops and supporting local merchants. And always KEEP IT JIGGY!

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